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  • City of the Future is authored by Lakis Polycarpou

    I am a freelance writer who is interested in the intersection of urban planning, architecture, technology, food, economics, energy and environmental issues. For the last several years I have been researching and writing about the implications of global peak oil.

    My work on these topics has been published in Energy Bulletin, Next American City, The Believer Magazine and The Washington Post among other places.

    I am also the Vice President of a new small press and Permaculture design company, KP Press Books/KP Permaculture.

    I can be reached at neapolis@earthlink.net or at lakis@kppressbooks.com

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November 20, 2007


We can never forget that the main objective of the pundits is to maintain their own position as experts. They will do this to the sacrifice of everything else, and in this context it would be nearly impossible to admit defeat (even temporary) and yield the floor to another "expert." They risk never getting the floor back. So, the fringe must always remain the fringe, no matter what useful information and opinions they have to offer. And the pundits continue jockeying for position. But within that -- keep making your astute points. Someone is listening.

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marks a political sea-change that is as significant as any particular proposal Obama may have articulated.

Do you have any problems? do you need some help? It would be sad to lose such a blog.

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